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Need help managing
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It’s hard to over-emphasise the importance of a great wine list to your hospitality business.

We provide a bespoke wine and beverage consultancy service for restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs to ensure your beverage direction is exactly where it needs to be.

It’s not just the selection of wines by the glass and the bottle that needs to be balanced, it’s the entire position of your offerings in relation to your brand, your cuisine, your business, your clientele and how it appeals visually.

We will provide an exceptional wine list for your venue that delves deeper than the surface, perhaps conceptualising a direction or theme that could be taken to tell a story or ensure the customers experience was a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Pin pointing where the business is now and how you want it to evolve, we will consult with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your clientele, cuisine, focal interests and budget.

Maximisation of profit
There is no point having amazing offerings if no money is being made. Product selection, pricing and placement needs to be beneficial for all. If there is dead stock on the list losing the venue money, it’s important to identify what they are. We can offer ways to turn that around, wipe the slate clean and start again.

Strategic Planning
We have an initial consultation process that explores the direction that your list should take, in depth from every angle.

Engagement of staff and training
Sommelier, chef, management and wait staff. From food and wine matching to engaging with clientele, we ensure that everyone who engages with clientele understands the list, and is able to recommend selections assuredly and imaginatively to complement each table’s dishes, and sell with confidence.

Selection process
Evolving through a series of tastings and menu matching to ensure the right direction is being targeted with regards to varietal, regionality and quality.

Cost analysis and discount discussion
We access strategic trade connections to acquire stock for your venue. We introduce suppliers and provide contact details.

Presentation and Marketing
To inform, guide and excite your guests.


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