Personal Sommelier Service


A cellar is nothing
if it’s not fully stocked.


We custom design wine collections for private clients based on your palate, budget and interests. Our service includes cataloguing the cellar and categorising the wine so the right bottle can be opened for the right occasion and cellared for the right amount of time.

We also create a personalised cellar list that is perfect when entertaining. We will integrate collections, expand on them and replenish cellars whenever required.

Beginning with a complimentary consultation to develop an understanding of your palate, we then access our trade connections to acquire your favourite wines, introduce you to varietals and labels that you may never have heard of (but that we know you will love) and give you access to exclusive and rare wines from boutique, premium and emerging wineries in Australia and abroad.

We can select and prepare wines for your next family occasion, dinner party or gathering, maybe even arranging a gift for a loved one. Not only will you be able to access a wider range of wines but we can supply these wines to you at less than retail prices.


rare wines,
cheaper than retail.

 If you have an amazing wine cellar, it’s time to start addressing empty racks.

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never miss a
new release.

Cellar management enables you to receive exclusive wine offers through our Stocked Cellar Wine Club, always being notified when gorgeous wines are being released, be it Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo or Barossa.

We constantly source wine for our clients at the most advantageous prices. It saves you time and money.

We grow collections, expand on your wine knowledge and introduce you to new wine experiences. Enjoying wine is fun. It’s an adventure, and each wine brings a new experience.