Have you been collecting wine for years, even decades? Have you lost track of the wines in your possession?

Maybe twenty years ago you were loving Hunter Valley 'Burgundy' but you now find yourself wanting the best of Tasmanian Pinot Noir. We get it, palates can vary in preferences of flavours, wine styles and regions on a yearly basis, even seasonally.  

It's not a crime for tastes to change, it's merely the fact the wine world is so incredibly diverse, with talented winemakers pushing boundaries, creating memorable wines that you have never before been exposed to. 

In the depths of your cellar are there things that have been forgotten? If you would like to have your cellar appraised all findings will be provided in an in-depth report.

Included in a Stocked Cellar Appraisal:

  • An accurate stock count.
  • Your collection catalogued on an excel spreadsheet.
  • A discussion toward the direction your tastes are heading and how they are evolving. What stylistically are you enjoying and drinking on a week to week basis. 
  • We can break your cellar down categorically in terms of drink now, sell, keep. 
  • Assess how your wine has been stored, offering solutions if need be.
  • We can also arrange liquidation and appraisal of deceased estates.

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